ARC Inspirations had a boom of new opportunities over the Summer in 2018, and we were successfully appointed on all of them!

Banyan Bar, Manchester was one of three bars we were working on consecutively, along with Manahatta, Manchester (Deansgate) and The Box, Leeds. This could have potentially given us issues with our working Programme, but we managed our time, labour & resources efficiently to overcome this.

We are very happy with how the projects ran and proud to have the teams we did on board to produce such a high quality result under such high pressure.

All the bars were handed over relatively snag free, with only minor adjustment works to carry out. Extra works are still being added to expanding external areas, but all the bars are open to the public, so go check them out!



Client: ARC Inspirations
Project Duration: 63 Days (13th August - 15th October 2018)