This is the first project we have worked for PDS Design & Build and we were out to make a good impression. Fitting out these types of bars under short programme times are our ‘bread and butter’, as we understand their needs and the crucial hand over times

First of all we had to develop an access plan for any rooftop works, which required all trades carrying equipment over a glass atrium. This was resolved, and the only other issue was that the builders needed to retain the structural integrity of the building while carrying out their works. With the Grande Arcade in Leeds being listed and already having adjustments made (with the many new bars cropping up on Merrion Street) these installation works had to be thought out and care taken.

Our initial stages of this project involved accommodating larger levels of incoming services; water, gas & electric, as requirements had increased to meet the requirements of cooling equipment, temperature controls and kitchen loads.

We also had to increase the water flow, as other installations we have carried out on Merrion Street are prone to have low flow rates during peak times. This was achieved by installing new water tanks.

Friends of Ham initially wanted us to produce a temporary installation – to see if was worth while moving from their previous address on Mill Hill near the Train Station in Leeds. Well it turned out it was and we then went onto install the permanent fixtures.

Client: PDS Design & Build
Project Duration: 45 Days (17th October – 1st December 2016) for the Pop Up Shop. 90 Days (4th January – 30th March 2017)