We acted as the appointed Main Contractor through this project. The Client within the Medical Centre, Hospital and Doctors Surgery required their Electrical Distribution and Heating updating, as it was an old system.

Firstly it was apparent many of the rooms we were to work in had large levels of Asbestos present, which had to be arranged to be removed safely before any works commenced. 

Flow rates of the existing Pumps were recorded so we could enhance them with new equipment. We used industry leaders Ideal iMax Boilers and Grundfos Magna3 Pumps to achieve the best system we could. And working alongside one of our reliable Sub-Contractors, A1 Flues, we calculated the best route for the Flue.

Our first day on site was eventful with one of the two existing boilers failing. To help the client we managed to get the one remaining functional boiler to serve all three buildings temporarily while we carried out our install. 

We then had to test the existing generator by isolating the mains, to ensure it properly held its load before carrying out the Mains Shutdown. Potentially the risks of this could have been that Power would have been down, Lighting not on, Data un accessible, Security & Fire Alarms not operational, as well as possible noise levels from the Generator itself. So personnel needed advising.

The Mains Shutdown was to facilitate the change over to the new boards installed and sub-mains to be re-routed to these. This was all pre-programmed and agreed with the client, all went according to plan.

Client: DSSR
Project Duration: 22 Weeks (3rd October 2016 – 10th March 2017)