Working for Torpoint Ltd on our first Project together, we had the challenge of designing an Electrical System to suit the needs of the students going to occupy the new Courtyard Infill and SEN Corridor.

These works included a typical Lighting & Power installation with the addition of a Data System including Ubiquiti WiFi points. This required us to upgrade the Switch for additional Power and install a Fibre link to a new Server Panel to accommodate extra Data requirements. We worked with Dataflow, a Sub-Contractor we now have successfully worked with on a few sites, to achieve the increased capacity for data access.

We were asked to carry out further works to the Fire alarm System throughout the entire school in a series of Back Log works. We were pleased to be asked and promptly got on with the works.

Client: Torpoint Ltd
Project Duration: 24 Weeks (11th July – 21st December 2016)